FAQ’s – Disease

Fungicides are a type of pesticide, a chemical compound, which prevents and/or controls diseases on plants.

Contact fungicides remain on the outside of the plant and form a protective barrier against diseases that penetrate the tissue. Contacts will not have any effect on diseases that enter through the root system. Systemic fungicides enter inside the plant and travel throughout the plant’s vascular system. They are both protective and curative before and after the disease has started. Any disease that enters from any point on the plant will be subject to the systemic fungicide, this includes any new plant growth. Both systemic and contact fungicides are often alternated to get the benefits of both types of fungicides.

Most likely, the plant has powdery mildew. Contact your local lawn & garden center, nursery or cooperative extension for diagnoses. Spray with an appropriate fungicide that lists on the label the disease and the type of plant. Check out the following product labels for recommendations; Copper Fungicide, Liquid Infuse, Neem Oil, All Seasons Oil or Sulfur Plant Fungicide.

You can, but you must wait the recommended reapplication interval (i.e. if the label states apply in 7 to 14 days then you should reapply in that amount of time).

Please consider using products that are already formulated for both insect and disease control like All Seasons Oil, Bon-Neem, Citrus Fruit & Nut Orchard Spray, Dragoon Dust, Fruit Tree & Plant Guard, Fruit Tree Spray, Garden Dust, Neem Oil, Tomato & Vegetable 3 in 1, Rose Rx 3 in 1, Rose Shield or Rose Rx Systemic Drench, instead of mixing.

Contact your local lawn & garden center, nursery or cooperative extension for help in properly diagnosing the type of blight you have. Next, select a fungicide that lists that type of blight with the plant variety you are applying the product to.

Mushrooms in lawns are a result of dead decaying wood in your lawn. Fungicides will not get rid of them. The only way to get rid of them is to get rid of the wood source.

Please consider the use of the following products that are recommended for roses; Rose Shield, Rose Rx 3 in 1, Infuse Concentrate & RTS or Rose Rx Systemic Drench.

1/2 to 2 oz./gal. of water depending on disease and stage the plant is in. Start with lower dose, and increase if needed, especially for new growth. During dormancy, the maxium can be used.

At least 12 hours is ideal.

7-10 days depending on the pressure of the disease.

Yes Liquid Copper Fungicide will help prevent peach leaf curl. It must be applied as a dormancy spray at 90% leaf fall and before bud break in the spring.

Yes, both early and late blight can be prevented with use of Liquid Copper Fungicide.

Corn is the only vegetable listed.

At first sign of disease. Follow label for re-app interval.

Keep all pets and people off the lawn until spray has thoroughly dried.

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