FAQ’s – General

These numbers (ex. 4-10-3) stand for the percent of Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium (Potash) in that order. The N the first number. That is the percentage of Nitrogen in the bag which gives plants the nutrients to grow quickly, produce more plant leaves, and create a darker color of green. The second number, or P is the percentage of phosphate which gives plants the nutrients to form stronger roots and to mature which and helps flowering plants to flower earlier and promote more flowers. The third number, or K is the percentage of potassium in the bag which promotes healthy roots systems and helps the plants resist disease. Potassium also works in combination with the phosphorus in plant development.

RTS means Ready to Spray. A Ready to Spray unit attaches to your hose to spray it is simply a tool that siphons out product at a set rate from a bottle and mixes the set rate of product with water for easy spraying. All Ready to Spray’s are liquid products (not powders or granules) and work in a similar fashion.

  • Herbicide – a chemical or other substance used to control undesirable plants.
  • Insecticide – a chemical or other substance used to control undesirable insects.
  • Fungicide – a chemical or other substance used to control undesirable plant diseases and fungi.
  • Rodenticide – a chemical or other substance used to control rodents.

You can obtain a copy of the label directions on our website. Please look for your product under the products tab, once you locate the product look under the product image for the tab labeled “Literature”. If you still can not find the correct label, please email your request to Our Customer Service Department and we will email you a copy. If you provide your address, we can also mail you a copy.

We do not recommend using any of our products for anything that is not listed on our label.

First, please try our Where to Buy, but since we sell primarily to retailers, this system does not give us access to all the dealers in a particular area or what products they carry. Bonide Products can typically be found at premier independent garden centers, nurseries, and greenhouses as well as hardware stores and coops.

No, it can only be placed in the burrow of the animal.  It is a possible fire hazard.

It emits toxic fumes that will kill the animal in the burrow.

One cartridge per burrow should be adequate. Block off other exits to burrow.

No, it must be placed in the active burrows or runways of the animal.

Potentially, do not let your pet eat it.