FAQ’s – How To

Always read and follow all product label directions and precautions appearing on or included with the container, bag and or packaging. Always look on the label for the types of plants or sites where pesticide may be used, pests targeted by the pesticide, the rate how much to use, the how and when to apply. If required protective clothing and equipment, read and view listed signal word defining short-term toxicity to people (DANGER, WARNING, or CAUTION), Always read Precautionary statements defining hazards to people, domestic animals, or the environment, before use read and understand any emergency and first aid measures to take if needed, read how to properly store and dispose of the pesticide and empty containers and again please read the complete product label.

Lawn Grass needs nutrients. What kind? Basically the same as the rest of your plants, but not exactly the same. Lawn Fertilizers are applied to lawn grass to provide supplemental nutrients that will help produce a fair amount of top growth, but not at the loss of root growth. A good root system is the key to a healthy lawn. Lawn Grass has a primary need for nitrogen. Other plants are much more complex and have greater nutrient demands. The Application Rates for lawn fertilizers are generally very low. A 16lb. bag can cover up to 5,000 square feet. That’s a large area. And at first it will not seem like you put enough down to do any good. But always read the label and use the rates listed on the bag and make it cover the area of square feet list.

Our Problem Solver section lists some specific insects and diseases along with suggested products to use. Our Bug and Weed charts may also help you choose the correct Bonide Product. If you do not see your specific problem or would like more information, please feel free to contact Our Customer Service Department or call us at 1-315-736-8231.