FAQ’s – Weed Control

There is a range of rates that the concentrate can be mixed at depending on how the product is going to be used. Generally, it’s 1.28 fl. oz. in 1 gallon of water per 400 sq. ft.

All weed control products are influenced by environmental conditions such as, air temperature and humidity levels. Herbicides are most effective when applied to growing weed plants at 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. During periods of high heat and humidity, both the turf and the weeds are stressed and applying weed control products on any stressed plant can cause damage to turf as well as poor weed control (i.e., it may take much longer to see actual weed death). If you must use weed control products under these conditions, use them in the early evening when humidity and temperatures decline to help reduce injury potential. Likewise, cold temperatures will affect the rate of weed growth too and will affect the reaction of many weeds to weed control products. Generally speaking, it will take longer to see weed wilting or weed death when using weed control products in cooler weather.  

First, you should identify the weeds you are trying to control. Is the weed a grassy weed or broadleaf weed? Is it an annual or perennial? Does it appear in the spring, summer or fall? Answering these questions is important in deciding which weed control product to apply. The categories listed below detail the differences between herbicides:

Pre-emergent weed control products are applied to stop the weed seeds from germinating. Be aware that pre-emergent products will stop all seeds from germinating.

Post-emergent weed control products are applied to weeds that are already growing. Good leaf coverage is important.  

Selective weed control products kills certain types of weeds without harming desirable plants.

Non-selective weed control products kills all types of plants.

Systemic herbicides are absorbed by the plant through the roots or leaves and spread throughout the plant. 

We recommend using Bonide’s KleenUp Grass & Weed Killer. This is a non-selective systemic herbicide that will kill everything it is applied to and will allow you to plant in one week.

To kill these weeds, use a non-selective weed control product such as Bonide’s KleenUp or Burnout.

No, you should not reapply the herbicide. Most herbicides will have been absorbed into the lawn by then. Wait a few weeks to see if the weeds are dying. If they are not showing signs of dying (i.e. turning yellow/brown, shriveling up) then reapply.

twice/year, 3 weeks apart

Water before only if the ground is dry.

Do not allow pets or people in the sprayed area until thoroughly dry.

One part concentrate to three parts water; for more established and larger weeds may need one part concentrate to two parts water.

It is rain proof when dry, 12 -24 hours is ideal.

No, BurnOut does not translocate. Leaves of plant must be sprayed.

In the spring to early summer. Plant must be actively growing for the product to be effective.

Consider waiting 24 hours, best to wait until plants die and are removed to plant.

Stumps should season 12 -18 months before using. Consider using Stump & Vine Killer after the tree is cut down so it does not re-sprout, as is common with maples, oaks and other similar trees.

It helps break down the lignin binding between the cellulose layers, making it more porous.

The product is not effective on palm trees.

Sodium Metabisulfate

It depends on where you live and what weeds you are trying to prevent or control. Consider contacting your local Bonide dealer or local cooperative extension for more information.

It should be applied when soil temperatures reach 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Please do water the grass before applying or when there is dew on the grass.

Do not water for 48 hours after applying.

The material is the carrier. It does not affect the outcome.

One week (7 days), remove dead vegetation first for best results.

Many are listed on the label. If not listed on the label, wait 30 days. Remove dead vegetation first for best results.

At least 60 degrees. Best results are when it is sunny.

At least 24 hours.

At least 24 hours.

Keep everybody out until product has thoroughly dried.

No, do not use in or around vegetable gardens.

On the fresh cut surface, using the applicator top, paint directly on the stump, do not dilute.

Apply when the plants are actively growing for best results.

Depends on the type of grass. For cool season grass like fescue, rye and Kentucky blue, use 2.75 oz per gallon of water per 1,000 sq. ft. Second app. 30 – 60 days later. For warm season grass like Bahia, Buffalo, Carpet, Centipede Zoysia and Bermude the rate is 5.5 oz/gal. St. Augustine rate is 4 oz/gal.

Once the application area is thoroughly dry, then people and pets can enter.

For best results, do not mow for 48 hours before or after application.

No, Sedge Ender is labeled for lawn use only

For best results, apply with enough time for it to completely dry before it rains. Will not wash off after it has dried.

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