Asparagus Beetles

Asparagus Beetles

As the name implies, these pests—both adults and larvae prefer asparagus to all other foods. The adults, reaching about ¼ inch long, are blue-black mottled with yellowish orange. The plump, ⅓ inch long grubs are olive green to gray, with a black head and legs.

Target: Asparagus

Damage: Growing tips of spears are chewed and scarred.

Life cycle: When shoots appear in spring, adults fly in to feed, then lay dark eggs that protrude horizontally from spear tips. The grubs hatch out within a week, feed for a few weeks, and then burrow into the ground to form yellow pupae. Adults can over- winter in plant debris. There are two to five generations a year.

Notes: Many natural enemies will help you keep this pest in check.

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