Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive wood boring beetle that feeds on the tissues under the bark of ash trees and kills them. The metallic green beetle is native to East Asia and was accidentally imported to the United States within the wood of shipping crates from China. EAB was first discovered in North America near Detroit, Michigan in 2002. Since then the beetle has spread to several eastern and midwestern states, including Wisconsin.

The larva spends its life inside ash trees, feeding on the inner bark where we cannot see it. This feeding disrupts the trees’ ability to transport water and nutrients, causing the tree to starve and eventually die.

On its own, the beetle will only fly a few miles. However, it is easily and quickly transported to new areas when people inadvertantly move emerald ash borer larvae inside of infested firewood, ash nursery stock, and other ash items. A tree that has been attacked can die within 2-4 years.

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