Auto Mix Hose End Sprayer

Automatically mixes and applies the proper water to product dilution. Simple to use. No mixing and no measuring necessary. Unused concentrate can be returned to the original container. Ideal for insecticide, fungicide, herbicide, and fertilizer concentrates. Automatically mixes & applies the proper water to product dilution simple to use no mixing, no measuring necessary, and unused concentrate can be returned to the original container, no waste!

  • Use with insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and fertilizers
  • Easy on/off switch
  • Insulated full grip
  • Wide mouth jar
  • Save unused concentrate easily
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Additional Product Information

  • Bonide's Auto Mix Hose End Sprayer makes it easy to apply a variety of liquid garden products to your outdoor oasis with no mixing, measuring or mess; the precision metering system provides accurate ratio of concentrate per gallon of water
  • Easily apply fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, liquid fertilizers and more to your lawn and garden with this versatile, multipurpose garden tool; the spray bottle attaches and adapts to Bonide concentrate bottles
  • The ergonomic handle features an insulated grip that fits comfortably in your hands, and an on/off thumb switch; this refillable spray bottle features 14 mix rate settings and 4 spray patterns (stream, cone, shower or flat fan)
  • For best results, clean sprayer after each use, following the included instructions; when used as directed, unused concentrate can be returned to the original bottle for no waste
  • To use, fill bottle with desired concentrate and attach to hose, adjust for desired mix rate and spray pattern, and squeeze and hold the trigger to apply to affected areas of your lawn; for best results, please read included operating instructions

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