Infuse™ Systemic Disease Control Lawn & Landscape RTS

BONIDE Infuse™ prevents and stops major disease on listed roses, flowers, lawns, trees, and shrubs. It's powerful systemic protection won't wash off and lasts up to 1 month on certain diseases. Proven to encourage turf rooting.

  • Systemic fungicide for turf
  • Stops and prevents diseases on lawns, roses, ornamentals, trees and shrubs
  • Absorbed into the plant, can't be washed off
  • Stimulates growth of newly planted cool season lawns
  • Protection that can't wash off
  • Ready To Spray Quart, treats up 3,200 sq. ft.
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Additional Product Information

  • CONTROLS A VARIETY OF DISEASES - Infuse Lawn and Landscape controls powdery mildew, dollar spot, rust, brown patch, anthracnose, take-all patch and more.
  • TOTAL COVERAGE OF LAWN - Broad-spectrum and systemic disease control for lawns and ornamental plants such as roses, flowers, trees, and shrubs. Also can be used on fruit and nut-bearing trees such as apricots, cherries, peaches, plums, and prunes.
  • GROWTH STIMULATOR - In addition to its fungicide uses, this product can be used as a growth stimulator for a faster establishment of newly planted cool season lawns.
  • WON'T WASH AWAY - Fungicide is absorbed into the plant ensuring it can't be washed off by rain or sprinklers after the spray has dried. For certain diseases, Infuse can work for up to 4 weeks.
  • EASY APPLICATION - Product conveniently arrives premixed in a container with an attached hose-end sprayer. Simply connect a garden hose to the sprayer and begin application.

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