REVENGE® EZ Set® Mouse Trap

100% effective. Special design forces rodents to fully commit, making escape impossible once the trap is triggered. Very simple and sanitary to use. Extra-large bait wells for your choice of irresistible “treats”.

  • Easy to Set Mouse Traps
  • Large bait containment
  • Reusable
  • Makes escape impossible
  • Simple and sanitary
  • Contains 2 traps
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Additional Product Information

  • EASY AND SAFE TO USE - The EZ-Set mousetrap is very simple and sanitary to use. The traps are easy to set, and they make it impossible for rodents to escape.
  • EXCLUSIVE BAIT WELL - These traps have a special bait well that is larger than typical traps making the EZ-Set traps the best traps available. This allows you to put any type or size of bait in the trap to lure in the pests.
  • REUSABLE TRAPS - Unlike most mouse and rat killer or traps, these Revenge traps are reusable. Use them as many times as necessary to rid your home of the pests. Multiple traps can be used at a time to trap as many rodents as possible at a given time.
  • EASY DISPOSAL - Traditional traps are unsanitary and make disposal of dead pests difficult. These traps have an easy-to-use snap that makes disposal quick and easy.
  • NO ESCAPE - With little spikes and a strong trigger, these traps make escape impossible for mice, and they will always snap when triggered. Disposal and resetting the traps is easy.

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