REVENGE® Fly Beater® & Odor Reducer Granules
REVENGE® Fly Beater® & Odor Reducer repels flies and reduces odor. Fly Beater® can be used in horse stables, dairy barns, chicken coops, and more. One application treats over 2,000 sq feet.
  • reduces flies and odor in horse stables, dairy barns, chicken coops, and more
  • People & pet safe, when used as directed
  • Repels flies, mosquitoes, gnats, fleas, and other listed insects
  • No mixing, no water requried
  • Repels & deodorizes
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Additional Product Information

  • BUG CONTROL - This pest control is great for repelling horn, stable, house, horse, deer, and garbage flies. It will also repel certain species of gnat, flea, mosquito, tick, and other flying insect pests.
  • ODOR REDUCER - Product not only repels insects but also helps deodorize the treatment area. The granules have an enjoyable scent and will leave the area smelling fresh and pleasant.
  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USE - Can be used inside horse stables, dairy barns, milking parlors, paddocks around livestock, and chicken coops. Fly Beater is also effective in reducing annoying pests around a home's pool, patio, yard, and porch areas.
  • FAST ACTING - You'll start noticing the results of the treatment within hours of application. One treatment may be effective for up to two weeks.
  • READY TO USE - This product is conveniently ready to use when it arrives. No water or mixing is required. Simply broadcast the granules directly from their container or use a lawn spreader.

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