Revenge® Glue Trays

Got Pests? Get Revenge! Bonide No Escape Glue Trays attract and catch mice and even some insects. With easy access, low profile sides so mice don't go around them and superior "Catch & Hold" adhesive, there is no escape. Plastic trays are ready-to-use, disposable, non-toxic, and hold up very well in damp garages and basements.

  • Captures mice
  • Superior catch and hold
  • Non-Toxic
  • Low-profile sides
  • Soothing scent
  • Contains 2 glue trays
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Additional Product Information

  • CATCH N HOLD - Our superior "Catch-N-Hold" adhesive is designed with a soothing scent that attracts mice and other pests and traps them before they realize the trap is there.
  • LOW PROFILE - Easy access, low profile sides make it hard for pests to go around the traps. Rodents will be trapped before they notice the traps, and they will not be able to escape.
  • NON-TOXIC - These traps are non-toxic and disposable, so clean up is easy. The scent of the traps will not irritate or bother people in the area, and disposal is easy as you can simply throw out the entire trap once a pest has been caught.
  • DELIBERATELY PLACE TRAPS - Place the glue trays in areas where children and pets won't come into contact with the adhesive. If accidental contact occurs, use baby oil or cooking oil to remove the adhesive. Do not use these traps in wet areas.
  • ALSO CATCHES INSECTS - In addition to catching large mice and rats, these traps work on many bug and insect varieties. Perfect for catching critters in your basement or garage.

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