Stump-Out DIY Stump Removal Granules

BONIDE Stump-Out® accelerates the decomposition of seasoned tree stumps to allow them to easily be burned out or chopped out of the ground. Works in 4 - 6 weeks.

  • Do It Yourself stump removal
  • Completely dries the stump out to allow for burning or chopping
  • Very simple to use
  • Saves the cost of stump grinding
  • Remove unsightly dead stumps
  • Granules, 1lb
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Additional Product Information

  • SPEED-UP DECOMPOSITION-Accelerates the decay of stumps for easy removal.
  • FAST ACTING-Works within 4-6 weeks when applied as directed.
  • USE ON SEASONED STUMPS-Most efficient on stumps that have been cut for 18 months or longer.
  • DIY-Breakdown stumps for easier removal.
  • NO HARM TO SURROUNDING PLANTS-Will not harm surrounding vegetation where applied.

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