Sucker Punch® RTU

BONIDE Sucker Punch® is the fast and easy way to stop plant suckers (sprouts) that form at the base of trees.

  • Controls sprouts and sucker growth on apples, olives, pears, non-bearing citrus and ornamental woody plants
  • Easy to use, just spray them away
  • Ready to use 8 oz, brush top applicator

SKU - 276-P

Additional Product Information

  • WATER BASED SEALER - This product has a water-based paraffin wax emulsion of ethyl 1-naphthaleneacetate, so once it is applied, it will last for up to 6 months.
  • PLANT GROWTH REGULATOR - Sucker Punch is a plant growth regulator that inhibits sprouting from roots and pruning cuts. To work effectively, you need to prune the tree or plant properly.
  • EASY TO APPLY - After pruning the area, apply by brushing on. The brush top applicator is included with purchase.
  • TREE WOUND SEALER - This tree pruning sealant works well to protect from and prevent sprouts from developing. Simply paint the sealer on the desired area.
  • VARIETY OF TREES - Bonide Sucker Punch is great for a variety of plants and is intended for use on ornamental and other woody trees. It is the best solution for aesthetic purposes or climate modification.

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