Bindweed, Hedge


Commonly known as Wild Morningglory or Devils-vine, this spreading perennial with long climbing, viny stems and distinctive triangular leaves, produces the large white morningglory-like flowers. Reproduction is by seed and rhizomes. Cultivation encourages the spread of this plant. The leaves are alternate in arrangement on the stem, triangular-oblong and smooth with a pointed tip. The heart-shaped lobes at the base of the leaf point away from the leaf stem (petiole). Flowers are borne from July through August and occur in the leaf axil on long flower stalks. Flowers petals are usually white, but sometimes pink, and look like a funnel-shaped tube, tapered to the base. This plant is native to the eastern United States and has now spread through-out the country. This weed of landscapes, row crops, hedge rows and nurseries thrives in rich, moist lowland areas.

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