Catsear, Spotted


Spotted catsear (perennial), also known as common catsear or false dandelion, grows in a rosette, with all the leaves at the base of the plant. Roots are fibrous, but often several of the roots are enlarged. The leaves are roughly hairy and elongate (two to twelve inches) with irregularly lobed or toothed margins. From this rosette of leaves arise smooth, leafless, erect flower stems. The stems are sparingly branched and grow to a height of nine to twenty inches. Each branch bears at the tip a single yellow flower head up to about one inch in diameter. The petals” or ray flowers are straplike and toothed at the ends. Spotted catsear reproduces by seeds which resemble dandelion seeds in having a plumed “”umbrella””. The plant has milky sap. Is considered an invasive species. Most prevalent west of the cascades in the western US.”””

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