Clover, Red


A legume that gets about 2 feet tall, Red clover has flowers that range in color from pink to light purple, but not true red. Each flower head is about 1” across and consists of numerous flowers. They are tubular in shape. Each flower has 5 narrow petals that are pink to purplish pink. Blooms occur from late spring to mid- summer. The flowers have a mild honey-like fragrance. Many bee species are attracted to the flowers. The leaves are compound usually with three leaflets. Each leaflet is 2” by ¾” and oval. In the center of each leaflet there is a white to light green colored chevron. The root system consists of a taproot and produces rhizomes. Red clover is used as a cover crop to improve soils, to attract wildlife, and as a forage crop for farm animals. It can be found throughout the United States.

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