Mustard, Garlic


This plant is a invasive, non-native, noxious biennial that will typically grow to 2-3 feet tall. Each plant produces one flowering stalk with small white, 4-petaled, flowers at the top. In early spring, the roots and new leaves smell like garlic, hence the name. The lower leaves on the plant are kidney-shaped with scalloped edges. The upper leaves are triangular in shape with longer teeth on the leaf edge. The leaves do get smaller in size as you get closer to the top of the plant. Flowering occurs in early April to May. This plant is a heavy seed producer and the seeds will remain viable, in the soil for up to 10 years. Garlic Mustard will grow in sunny or dense shade sites. The plant gives off chemicals into the soil that prevents the growth of other plants, beneficial fungi and butterfly larvae. When removing by hand, it is best done prior to seed formation.

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