Nettle, Burning


Burning nettle is an annual broadleaf plant that inhabits crop fields, orchards, vineyards, gardens, ditches, nurseries, roadsides and other disturbed, unmanaged places. Mature plants are 5-24 inches tall with square stems that branch from the base. Most of the plant’s stinging hairs are located on the stems, leaf stalks, and lower surface of leaves. Leaves are elliptical to egg-shaped, have toothed edges, stinging hairs, short non-stinging hairs, and minute glands. Burning nettle has a slender taproot, often with many lateral roots. Flowers bloom from January through April, but year-round in milder climates. Small greenish-white flowers cluster in the junction where the leaf stalk and stern join. Fruit are tiny, smooth, egg-shaped, and contain a single seed. Burning nettle reproduce by seed.

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