Blight, Late

Late blight is caused by crops that are left in the ground from the previous year’s harvest, in cull piles, soil or infected volunteer plants and can spread rapidly in warm and wet conditions on new crops. This can have devastating effects by destroying entire crops. Target: Mainly potatoes and tomatoes but may spread to other crops. Damage: Dark blotches on leaf tips and plant tips, white mold under leaves. The plant may collapse leaving a foul smelling odor. It may also destroy your entire crop and your neighbors as well if left alone. Control: Fungicides as a preventive as well as a treatment. Note: Late Blight is still a difficult disease to control today by ordinary methods, because the oomycete that causes late blight produces so many spores, and the spores can travel long distances through the air, it is very important that everyone who grows potatoes or tomatoes is able to identify late blight and know how to control it, to avoid being a source of spores that infect potatoes and tomatoes in neighboring gardens and commercial fields.

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