Dollar Spot (on Lawns)

Disease of turf grasses caused by the fungus Sclerotinia homeocarpa, attacks most warm season turf grasses . Bentgrass, hybrid bermudagrasses and zoysia are most susceptible to dollar spot. The disease occurs from spring through fall, and is most active during moist periods of warm days (70-85°F) and cool nights (60°F) in the spring, early summer and fall. The disease is spread from one area to another by wind, water, mowers, people and animals and other means of transport to your lawn.

Tests have shown that low nitrogen and potassium levels in the soil have been reported to increase the severity of dollar spot. Sometimes a severe outbreak of dollar spot can be brought under control by the application of a water soluble nitrogen fertilizer.

Applications are most critical during moist weather in the spring, early summer and fall when temperatures are between 70º and 80ºF. To prevent and/or cure dollar spot, we recommend applying a fungicide like Infuse® as it is both a preventative and a curative.

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